Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grudge Trudge 3000 Reikland vs Clan Destyn

I have posted a new Battle Report on Empire vs Skaven 3000pts. You can check it out here:


  1. Hey Scott, this is Cam Brady. We met at Ard Boyz last year, you remember? I really enjoyed this battle report! I would like to see another video report as your last one was cool. You are overdue on that!!! Am I undertanding right that you are doing an Ard Boyz show? If you are, I would like to hear you talk about how you guys prep and maybe some comments on the scenarios. take care!

  2. Ok so now do a show on the skaven?? I have been waiting for it. Have you thought about running your seer on foot in a unit? I have been running mine without the bell for a while now and it really helps when he lives late into the game.

  3. @ Cam, I do remember! I've got a the Ard show almost done...

    @ Jace, good to hear from you again! I've been running my Seer on the Bell. Just getting used to having him dead by the end of turn 1 and still being able to finish the game strong. (/sarcasm heh)

    Yea, I can see a Skaven show in the future...

  4. Thanks for posting this. It is a very enjoyable read!

  5. I run a skaven army that looks close to yours. I run the furnace but not the bell. I wanted to ask you about running 2 doomwheels instead of another hpa. Are doomwheels still a good option in 8th?

  6. Toomey, I think the DW's shine in certain situations. The Zzap is an *extremely* useful method of warmachine hunting. DW are great for supporting flank attacks. The bane of the DW: Big Blocks of troops. Do NOT charge a big block in the front or you will most likely lose. I am in the process of getting material together to do a Skaven show. More on that to come.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!